lotus_moebius_yoga_durhamAfter 20 years, The Prana Studio of Durham, NH, has moved!

MoebiusYoga continues at the Durham Community Church and will be serving the Seacoast region with therapeutic Yoga and Meditation classes.  Attention to back care and joint health have always been a priority. Ayurvedic wellness consultations and workshops continue and provide holistic lifestyle and health support. Semi-private classes and private sessions are offered for small groups and private students.

We are enjoying our new place at the Community Church in Durham, the Parlor.

For more information download the 2018_June-July_Schedule

We’ll have a new Retreat on May 12 at ALNOBA CENTER 2018_Renew-Relax-Rejuvenate

Email for more information: yoga@moebiusyoga.com