School Policies

Policies of The Prana Studio
Our classroom provides yoga mats, Zabutons, meditation cushions, blankets, blocks, ties, chairs, and back jacks.
You can bring your own mat or cushion, if you prefer so.

Sign up for the sessions early. Since the studio is small, your favorite class might fill quickly. Email, and we will confirm, if space is available in the class of your choice. We recommend you pay before the session starts in order to secure your space. General questions, concerning classes, are answered through the same email.

Payment: You can pay by check, please send your payment to The Prana Studio, 13 Sunnyside, Durham, NH 03824.
If you take 2 classes per week for a full session you will receive a $10 discount.

Prorating is an option, if you start a Yoga session later (provided space is available). The payment reflects the amount of classes. If you pay for less than 5 classes, the drop-in fee applies ($15 per class).

Refund Policy
If you have send your tuition for the session, but the class is already filled, you can join another class, or your payment is returned.
If your class is canceled because of insufficient sign-ups, your payment is returned.

In case of a snow cancellation, the class can be made up on another day within the session (e-mail or call the office (868-6753) whether another class has space) or you can pay one class less for the following session.

Snow cancellations:
If inclement weather is arising with ice and snow, look at the Oyster River Cooperative School District website ( or the UNH storm and emergency website. If Oyster River School is canceled, we are canceled, too. If they have a two-hour delay, your instructor will call or email you if she is holding class or cancels. At the beginning of the session, you will talk about those decisions, too.

If you need to miss a class and want to make-up your class, you need to let us know before, the same, or next day. Email or tell your teacher, alternatively, email or call the office (868-6753) whether another class has space! You can make up a class within the current session or within the next paid session.

If you cannot attend most of a session because of serious injury or illness, call or email the office (868-6753) immediately. In this case, we will reimburse you.

Parking is provided in the driveway-loop, on the left side of the driveway, and next to the shed. Please, refrain from parking on the street. In the winter, it is recommended to drive into the driveway-loop from the top down and behind one another.

At your first class, your instructor will tell you, whether a social/talking time before class starts is o.k., or whether you are asked to keep silence, honoring the sacred space of the studio.

Be on time for class, we recommend to come five minutes early.
If you come late, wait until centering and breathing is finished. Enter the class-room, when the class is starting the warm-ups.

Take responsibility for your own experience. Honor your energy. At your first class, you are asked to fill out a ‘Personal History/Body Map-Form’ and sign it. Let the instructor know about any physical limitations, and communicate ahead of time, if you need support. Make sure, you ‘go’ at your own pace, even if your classmates inspire you to do more.

Honor confidentiality. Anything shared in the room–stays in the room.